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Chamber Music


Chamber Music is written for small ensembles, typically from two to eight people. Each musician performs their own individual line creating a musical dialogue among equal partners. A spectator might feel like they are witnessing a conversation between friends, watching it weave through unique perspectives, common goals, shared emotion, and at times, opposing ideas. Because of this intimate nature, Chamber Music is known as “music of friends” and composers often saved their most intimate writing for a chamber ensemble, knowing the potential for magical collaboration in this precious setting.

Live performance is necessary, now more than ever! A concert hall, whether that be physical or digital, is a gathering place where the sole purpose is sharing moments. Every person is welcome in a concert to witness beauty, receive solace, and share the human experience with every person within those walls. In a society where many divisive (and seemingly arbitrary) barriers exist between neighbors, Sempre will create a space to amplify the unity, creativity, skill, and beauty found in the Yakima Valley.

Sharing Moments


Chamber Music


Violinist Vanessa Moss, Artistic Director, has designed programs to nourish Yakima’s music scene.

Each concert will revisit beloved composers that are already house-hold names. You will hear how the language of our instruments has evolved in the writing of 21st Century composers, and fall in love with repertoire you won’t believe you’ve lived this long without written by women and composers of color.

To meet the artists of 2020/2021 season, please view the Musicians page.

As part of the Seasons Performance Halls’ Live-Stream Series, you can participate in the concert from the comfort of your own home! Click here for more information on how the live-stream works. Professional videography is brought to you by Digital Vendetta Productions

If you can’t make the live-stream, each concert will be available for 24 hours after the show for you to enjoy at your convenience.

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Seasons Performance Hall


All concerts are performed at Yakima’s historic Seasons Performance Hall. Originally built as a Christian Science Church in 1917, it is one of the most spectacular historical churches in Yakima. It is currently under consideration for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places and we are discovering rich troves of history as we submit documents for review.

The facility was purchased in 2005 and re-purposed as The Seasons Performance Hall. Today it serves many different constituencies and audiences in Yakima, from classical and jazz performances, to indie, rock, gospel, soul, folk, and other genres of music. Intentional of diversity and variety, it is proud to have become Yakima’s “second living room.”

Want to come along with us? Here’s how:

Buy a ticket! All the musicians of Sempre believe that everyone should have access to classical music and are committed to keeping digital tickets available free of cost.
Tickets are sold at a “pay as you are able” scale. Please, participate fully and in good faith.

Become a Sponsor! Concerts would not be possible without Sempre’s generous sponsors. They help sustain the careers of musicians during the shut down of our industry, and keep the power of live music alive for our community. If you are interested in sponsoring a concert, please contact Vanessa Moss.

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